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How long a buyer can give us rating or change his rating from positive to negative?


I got a buyer who ordered few of my gigs and kept changing the requirements even after everything was delivered…

He kept messaging if i did the work worth the gigs he ordered though i explained him that i over delivered but again… this is the world :slight_smile:

I am sure he would give me a negative rating, or change positive to negative, so do you guys know how long he can do that?


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I’m not sure, I believe at any time. Good question though, I wonder if anyone knows the answer

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I think no one is interested in replying :slight_smile:

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I agree to it, i don’t know how it works :slight_smile:

I tried to rate someone about 3 months later, and it would not let me. The reason I waited so long is because the woman was very snippy, bad at communication and provided sub-par service, and she deserved a 1 star rating, but I did not want to give it to her… I was trying to not be negative. However, I was going to just go ahead and rate her 3 stars just to get it off my to do list and the option was not there anymore… so now I have to look at this woman’s gig on my to-do list, for the rest of my life on fiverr… lol. So now I’m being punished for not rating her… lol. Hope that answer helps.

Reply to @djkoolaide: At least we now know it’s less than 3 months :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been changed, buyers now have 1 month to rate sellers.

lol @pranavbatra0027 and 3 months later I log back in to the forum to respond to your comment… lmao!

14 Days is the limit , when you and your buyer can change the review .


Agree…buyer can change the rating till 30 days after delivery.

Buyer can rate upto 30 days. After that option will be gone. So always rate your purchases soon enough.