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How long a buyer request stayed?

I am new in fiverr.i heard many times about buyer request but i don’t have any idea how its work.yestarday while i check my fiverr app and i find out a option buyer request.I open that option and see there have 4 buyer request. I dont know when its came.after few minutes all request had vanished. I dont know where they gone.can someone tell me how long a buyer request stayed in profile



Why u see buyer request was coming don’t reload page. Offer him first.if u once reload the request will gone.


Even i want know about this.

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Thanks for your opinion


As a new seller you only see few buyer requests and they are hidden again when there are a certain amount (I think 20, not sure) offers from new starters.

So you have to be quick and react as soon as you see one that you want to make an offer for.

And in between, you have to refresh and look at it very often to have a chance on seeing the new ones.


Thanks. Next time i will try my best.

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There is a time difference between you and your client for me, my buyer request shown me at after 11.15 am to 12.00 pm you have to continuously refresh your tab bar when a client posted an offer it will shows on your screen then stop doing refresh and send him an offer according to his/her need. One buyer request shown for few minutes I think 7 to 10 minutes in which you have to send him an offer. If you want you will see more Buyer request than fiver gives you 7 gig options you have to complete your gigs than you will get more buyers requests.
One more thing there is an Plugin named as AUTO REFRESH add this pugin to your browser set time on it, It will automatically refresh your Browser you don’t need to refresh it by your own for buyer request when you’ve seen it (buyer request) Stop Auto Refresh than send offer to client.
I just hope it will help full for you.
Best of luck


Thanks for your valuable advice

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Thank you so much bro :heart_eyes:

Helpful post as I have faced same problem 3 times. I have got 3 buyer requests and after some time, they all disappeared. I will try the above mentioned tips. Hope it will help

Same thing happened with me a few minutes ago.Just as I logged out of fiverr and signed-in again then I saw all the requests got vanished. I believe Fiverr should give an option for saving buyer requests because sometimes it’s not possible to send all the offers at a time for urgencies.

Then in this cases sellers need an user-friendly provision.

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