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How long a gig video review is needed?

my gig is still in draft,and i click it shows ‘processing video’,how long is this needed? Shouldnt my gig goes to ‘pending approval’ or ‘requires modification’ after i click saved on steap Gllary?

Sometimes it’s a few minutes, sometimes longer - they do say up to 24 hours.

Be patient - it’ll show up soon!

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its been over 24 hours and my gig is still in draft, shouldnt my gig goes to’ pending approval’? is this normal ?

If it’s still in draft, then you need to publish it to make it go live.

I cant? after i done the Step on Galary then I cant click the save and continue button!!!

Sounds like you might need to ask CS - sorry!

where to contact CS? customer support?

The link’s on the bottom of every Fiverr page - here it is:

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thanks,they dont even have a live chat or phone calls…

No they don’t - but they are very helpful. It can take up to about 24 hours for them to get back to you.

Thanks a lot for the link. I have been waiting a couple of days for my Gig Video to be approved. I understand they are busy, but I still shot them over a message.