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How long after an order is completed can a review be posted?


I noticed buyers cant postupdate a review after a while …
Anybody know the answer ?


I think i always get the review right after buyers complete the gig :slight_smile:


Once an order is marked as complete manually by the buyer they will automatically leave you a review whether it is a comment or just a thumbs up, when its automatically marked as complete they can review at any time after whether it be a day or months later. Once you enter a review you have a limited time to edit it before the option disappears I think this is a day or 2. But if your keen to change it I’m sure the wonderful fiverr support would assist. :smiley:


Thanks Jazzy, that was the answer I was looking for actually.


You mean if Order completed automatically the buyer has access to leave review any time what every if they come back after 15 or 30 days?


Yes, that’s how it works. Sometimes buyers leave a review nearly a month later. It’s always a nice surprise, if it’s positive of course. Better than never getting a review.


@sarit11 Both buyers and sellers have time to post the review upto thirty days of order completion but they can edit their reviews up to three days after posting. However I am really interested in knowing why do no you read all the FAQs in fiverr help section before posting such requests. Reading it once will make you knowledgeable how the entire system works.


Buyers and sellers have 30 days to leave feedback.


I contacted them recently.

Customer support replied me that the buyer can’t review your completed order after 30 days.


That is correct, 30 days on the dot.