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How long after completion does your money show up on fiverr?

Hi guys just made my first sale,it was marked as complete today but my balance is still at 0$. How long does it take to reflect in your fiverr account? I am new and pretty much clueless so i am researching and trying to learn more about how fiverr works. Thanks in advance for the help.


How long for delivered order to Clear?

Upon delivery, orders take 0 to 3 days to “complete” (3rd day is auto-complete).

Once “complete”, it takes another 14 days for funds to “clear”.

So, funds “clear” and are “available” in 14 to 17 days.

You cannot connect your PayPal until you have funds “available”.

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Fiverr orders have statuses.

Go to your Sales area and see a row with the following. A drop down enables you to sort through the categories.


Active (order is in and in process)

**Active Orders can be “InComplete” when Buyer did not submit information required (Clock not Running). Seller “nudges” Buyer to submit info through the “Order Page” (Clock will Start).

Completed (order is delivered and one of the following)

A) Completed by Buyer.

B) Auto complete (Buyer does not review. Auto takes up to 3 days)

Delivered (order is delivered, but Buyer hasn’t picked it up)

Buyers can “Reject/Request Modification”. Seller must redeliver & cycle restarts with A or B above.

Cancelled (order was cancelled by Buyer or Seller)

NOTE: Funds are not available until;

  • The order is completed (see Completed A / B above)
  • And the 14 day pending period expires

    – Funds available take up to 17 days (1 to 3 days + 14 day pending period)
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Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you very much,i had no idea it took that long. Yes the order is complete has been 3 days now. Thanks again.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: oh ok,got it.Does fiverr have any tutorials on here? Guess i need to learn way more,lol. Thank you.

Reply to @seelyadating:

There are some very good help topice right here on the Forum…

Thank definitely will check them out.

If we deliver order once it would be completed automatically after 3 days if buyer can’t approve.
If we deliver for example 21 Nov it by default it would be complete 24 Nov right. If I deliver again same order on 22 Nov again then it would be completed automatically 24 Nov or 25 Nov…?

after 3 days of the delivery if buyer not mark it completed

There is no point in replying to old posts. If you want help it is best to create your own topic.

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If a buyer leave a bad review and told you I’m going to destroy you rating reviews etc then we can’t give any feedback to him. would his feedback will be showed at my profile or not.?

If a buyer threatens you in such a way you need to report it to CS before they get a chance to leave you a review.

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