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How long after leaving feedback can the buyer change it?

I had a buyer leave good feedback for a job I did a few weeks ago and now is making completely unreasonable requests to redo the entire thing for free because he basically wants to change his entire business model. I would really like to just say no, but want to make sure he can’t just change it to a negative. Anyone know the timeline for this?

I don’t think that’s correct. I’m unable to change feedback for a purchase I made less than 3 months ago, I just tried…

According to Fiverr’s support page about feedback removal, they say this: "Feedback can be replaced on a completed order. If the order is canceled, no new feedback message can be added to that order. Feedback ratings can not be replaced after 72 hours after you rated the order."

View the page here:

It looks like after 3 days, your feedback is locked on a completed order. However, I know that Customer Support may allow them to alter the feedback if the buyer contacted them with a reason to change it. I don’t know if CS would automatically let them do that, though; the buyer may have to make a reasonable case for CS to agree to allow them to change the review from positive to a negative after that 3-day period is up.

Thank you very much!