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How long after reaching the threshold did it take for you to nominated to TRS?


I met the criteria about 2 - 3 months ago though have not been nominated yet.

I understand only a select few are manually chose for TRS.

But I have yet to be even nominated…

I was just wondering how many months after reaching the criteria any of you guys got nominated?

I’d like to think there’s still some kind of hope :smiley:

And to reiterate… I don’t mean how long after reaching the criteria until you got PROMOTED to top rated seller. But how long until you were NOMINATED. I haven’t even received the notification yet saying I’ve been nominated as I reach the criteria :confused:

I had a LOAD of late order come through right when I hit the threshold because I had a heart attack and got rushed into hospital for weeks. And my late rate dropped by like 10%. It’s sitting on 98% now but the damage to my impressions / clicks still remains. Maybe this is why I’m not getting nominated. I was pretty much perfect until then, bar a few cancellations and missed messages :confused:

I want this because it seems to ensure more longevity on the platform. Every level 2 seller I see seems to fizzle out eventually, wheras the top rated have often stayed on top for many years :confused: If any level 2’s who have been on the platform for a very long time and still get lots of sales could prove me wrong on that it’d be awesome though.

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They don’t send that notification anymore.
You were “nominated” each month after you completed your requirements

There is nominations anymore. If you are chosen you will receive notification that you are promoted and that’s it


“Long time” is how long for you? 2 years? 4 years? 10 years?

Ah okay, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Like 6 - 10 years. From researching loads of level 2 sellers most don’t seem to last a few years, it’s quite demotivating :confused: I’d love to stay on here for a long time as I really enjoy it and the money is amazing.

That’s news to me.

In several categories, there are some TRS, quite a number of Level Two’s, less Level One’s, and a whole boatload of non-leveled sellers. Level One is really a transitional rank, so many sellers who get the ball rolling seem to eventually progress out of it, while the sea of non-leveled sellers swells with each passing day.

Level Two is the end level for basically everyone except for those lucky and talented sellers who are picked out of the crowd for TRS.

So I searched “top-rated” in the forums.

I went through practically every thread where a level 2 seller has posted “Why haven’t I been promoted to TRS”.

Then I investigated their profile.

Every single one of these level two sellers had stopped getting regular sales by this point (often the thread was a year or two old). Obvs you can figure this out from looking at number of reviews per month, orders in que and time since last delivery.

Then I look up the sellers who did get top rated and they are still getting regular orders (some of them aren’t but still).

Which suggests to me unless you get top rated, you have your day for a bit then fiverr will replace your spot with another level two seller :confused: I’ve seen this happen to my competition too. It’s scary cos I could be next D:

Of course some of this is speculation but it’s a fact that all of these level two sellers I looked up who didn’t get to TRS have had their orders stopped / ranking lost by now.

Did you check how many orders they have in the que? Ranking is dynamic now as I’m sure you’ll know. So the level 2’s you see on top might not be seen on top by a huge portion of other visitors due to ranking changes. They could be getting really low traffic and barley any sales. Which is pretty much career death if fiverr was your full-time gig.

EDIT: And I don’t mean to get anyone paranoid but I’m just very paranoid myself as I’m saving up for something very, very vital and important and fiverr is the only thing that gives me this much money. I just need to last at least 1 more year on the platform to achieve this as I’m half way there :relieved:

Honestly, I think the sellers who were agitated about not being selected for TRS after having the requirements fulfilled and posted about it on the forum were never likely the best candidates for TRS in the first place…

Hey, I’ve been in the same boat. My impressions are ALWAYS bad but I’m still here and seem to slowly be gaining momentum. In January, I made a grand total of 60 bucks. Yes, 60 bucks. But February turned out better, then March was my best month ever on the platform but then was topped by April.

If you want consistency, the freelancer career path is not really for you, unless you are one of the lucky son of a guns who seem to have a never-ending queue of orders.

I have had consistency for two years now with an upwards trajectory, I guess I don’t see how lucky I am :confused:

Though my clicks almost halved on a few gigs after the late orders… It’s only put me down like say 15% profit wise so it could be far far worse.

There’s just the constant fear of losing my spot. I’d just love to get like 10 more years out of the platform at least. Which I’ve seen many TRS sellers achieve who joined the site when it first started.

But that’s the thing, you don’t need a shiny golden TRS badge to be successful. It seems you are already doing very, very well without it. There are Level Two sellers who became a TRS, lost their TRS level, didn’t gain it back, but are still doing great on the platform.

Just keep doing what you are doing, and if you are promoted to TRS, celebrate! If not, don’t sweat it and stay on course!

-Here I am talking to someone with likely over a thousand orders while I’m still under 200. :smile:

Keep at it :smiley: if you’ve made it this far, fiverr clearly sees you as valuable and will send you more orders the more as you make more buyers happy. Tens of thousands barley even make their first few reviews.

And while I agree I don’t need the badge to be successful. From researching previous sellers it seems that if you want to stay on the platform for the long-term then TRS status is quite essential.

It’s rather painful seeing my competitors get the badge with more negative reviews, hundreds of less positive ones and lower-par work D: I wonder why the fiverr Gods never chose me…I’ll never know though because they work in very mysterious ways :disappointed_relieved:

On the flipside there’s a guy who has more reviews than me + 5 star (I’m 4.9), selling for a higher price and he hasn’t had TRS either. Then the guy a few rows down has TRS but his stats are substantially less than both of us. SO you never know. I really wonder how they decide.

Don’t start thinking like that. The forum’s very own @vickiespencer was just recently promoted to a TRS after a long wait and not expecting to be selected.

If it happens, it happens. If not, then c’est la vie.

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Yeah there’s still hope :smiley:

And I saw Vickies post when I was researching this topic, it gave me some confidence that there’s still a chance :slight_smile: