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How long after you request revision?

Hi, this is my first experience on this site. I ordered two gigs for logos. Both delivered. The first one, delivered and also did revisions and order was completed. The second delivered and asked me if I had any revisions, which I did and so I requested modifications. A few days passed and did not receive back. So I sent him a message after which he replied he had some problems and asked me to be patient. I replied, fine, no problem and will wait a bit more. But more days have passed and not sure what next to do. The initial order was on 11th Jan. Delivery on 13th. My question is … Is the system automated that if revisions are not done within a certain period, the order would be cancelled? I am not sure what I should do next. Whether to cancel order, that is, if I can, or request a new logo from another seller. Would appreciate your advise on this as I do need a logo quickly. Thanks.

Reply to @jacquix: I also read it as 2 logos from the same person and thought that multiple revisions right away would be hard to do. That said, no response is not good. :slight_smile:

How on earth did you come to that conclusion? He (the second designer) just sent me the logo but he did not do any revision, so how can you say I asked for too much?! Besides when ordering gigs, every gig is different! Some include and some do not. I do not abuse. I even added a tip as an extra to the first designer ! That was not my question matt.

seems like he did a lot of work for you I would not ask for my money back wait for the revisions as he mentioned. I personaly wouldnt even ask someone to do revisions for free I would pay them extra.

Reply to @jacquix: When you said 2 gigs I assumed you meant 2 orders from the same person :slight_smile: sorry


There is no time limit on a modification request. Surely it makes sense for the Seller to do it ASAP, but I can’t speak for them. So whether they do it right now or in 2 weeks, there is no limit or deadline. If time goes by and you are not satisfied, you can tell the Seller you want to cancel. That may prompt the Seller to deliver, or not. But cancellation is not automated.