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How long after you wake up, do you start working?


Inspired by @miiila for the recent poll they created.

I tend to get into the habit of responding to messages immediately when I wake up. I’m trying to practice taking a bit more time before I respond to messages/finish up projects. I want to hear your thoughts.
This poll is anonymous.

  • Immediately when I wake up
  • An hour or two after I wake up
  • I begin work halfway through my day
  • I work at the end of my day
  • Other

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Hi @lilacpunch
I went with other.
I go through my morning routine (which can change depending on where I am) and this can last anywhere between 15 minutes to 60 minutes.
It takes some discipline but the results are worth it.
From time-to-time I’ll hop straight into work but only for certain tasks.