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How long an Order modification Stays?


Hi Fiverr people,
I have got an order from my buyer. And I have delivered on time. He requested a revision on my work. I am now working on this to deliver my modified work.

Can someone tell me that how long this modification time stays? I mean How many days I will get to deliver a revision work?

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Order remain time will reopen again and continue ticking from there.
You must go to Resolution Center as mentioned below and ask for more time mentioning the reason.

99% buyer will accept your revision time.

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It doesn’t really matter. You can send time extension if you want but click tiking doesn’t matter after modification request and wouldn’t goninto your statistics as late. But bare in mind it’s better to deliver sooner than later as customer support can cancel the order if buyer will complain that he haven’t heard from you in a long time.

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Thanks for your information dear.


Thanks for your information dear.


I remember reading that there’s no time limit on delivering modified work. Even if the timer is red and says late, as long as you initially delivered it on time. So no rush apparently.

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Thanks for your information dear.