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How long before I can withdraw after declining PayPal withdrawal

I want to know how long it takes to be able to withdraw again after declining a PayPal withdrawal. For some reason I couldn’t clear the funds so I declined, I know it can’t be refunded to my fiverr account but I want to know when I can be able to make another withdrawal as revenue section is showing “withdrawal in progress” therefore not allowing me to withdraw.


I think its 24 hours

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Thanks, I just did it so I’ll check in 24hrs :+1:

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It has now been over 24hours and I still can’t withdraw after declining withdrawal on paypal. Anyone who have ever been through this please help!!!:pray:

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How exactly did you decline the withdrawal? Narrate the story

Okay so I initiated a withdrawal from fiverr to PayPal as usually, totally skipped my mind that my PayPal account had limits as it has not been verified and stuff and the amount I was withdrawing exceeds the limit the account can take, as a result the withdrawal was pending on PayPal giving the options to verify my account and receive the payment or deny the payment.

I could not verify the account at the moment so I clicked on the deny button knowing I’d lose the money, but I expected to be able to make withdrawal on fiverr after declining the payment on PayPal, but 24hours later my PayPal withdrawal button on fiverr is still grayed out and displaying “withdrawal in progress” when I hover over it.

PS: I changed my withdrawal email to a different PayPal account.

same problem me too:neutral_face::neutral_face:

I am facing this same issue. Is your issue resolve

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