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How long before I make my first sale?


Hope this message meets everyone well. I was just wondering how long it might take one to get a first order here on fiverr.

I am a newbie who came on fiverr with high hopes following recommendation from friends. I seem to have expended all the suggestion given by but yet the order has failed to come in, even after 1 week. I have tweaked my Gig and it’s title a couple of times yet no contact.

I just want to really do what I love with a grin as I get rewarded. I am keeping the faith that something will come in very soon but I’m just here wondering how long I have to wait for the first order. Am I too anxious or might there be any other thing I have not done right?

I appreciate honest feedback. Thank you


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I just saw your gig and it seems unique and requires some skill to do. Be patient the orders will start pouring in soon enough.

Don’t worry. It will take some time,have patience. I got my 1st order after a month (I didn’t know about how buyer requests work then).
Try to send offers to buyer’s requests because that work :slight_smile:

I never knew there existed such a service on fiverr. I’m assuming it works just like those freelance sites where you apply to job postings posted by employers. Thanks for the info.

The key word is patience!

Once the first buyer and review will get in, more will come!
I read your description and it is very good, one thing to improve on is the gig image. The text and placement are a bit unprofessional.

Thank you so much for the relieving words :slight_smile:

Thank you so much mariamughal. okay I can understand very well now that I have to be more patient and keep doing more tweak on the gig as I wait for y first order. I have checked the buyers request though, there seems to be few offers available under my category

I appreciate your advice so much. Thank you

Create 7 new gigs during a week. 1 gig per day. and be patient. you will get 1 order or clients messages. just try this. recently I got my first order after 1 month created the gig.