How long can a revision sit unchanged?


I always feel like I am asking obvious or ridiculous questions but with only ten days from evaluation I am starting to stress. We have been working on this book… since March 20th. She is on her third revision (out of four) but each time it’s take around 2 days for her to go through the book and tell me what she’d like fixed. (It’s a bit of a biography where every fact has to be exact. So these books take time and patience.) Now she can’t get back to me until this weekend. So it says on my dashboard “16 days ago” and I don’t think I have ever seen a revision request that high.

Now if I have to wait 5 more days, which I will especially if she has family troubles. I don’t want to get penalized if they think I am just purposefully ignoring her order. :grimacing::scream_cat:


Hm, I would be stressed too if it said 16 days! I’m not exactly sure how long a revision request can go for but if it’s already at 16 it must be a while. If no one on here knows, maybe contact CS and ask?


I think if a buyer keeps asking for revisions it could negatively impact your account, although this statement isn’t documented anywhere or officially announced so it might be wrong. I believe that a revision should take around the same time the original gig takes, so if you deliver in 4 days then the revision shouldn’t take more than the same time. If it exceeds that time I am not sure what would happen afterwards.


Ask your buyer ask to request an extension if you end up needing one. I read somewhere on the Forum that it will not affect your stats as much that way. I have an order that has had to be extended due to the buyer running into issues since September. My order completion rate is at 97%, and I have had 1 cancellation in the last 30days. For the previous two times, I have asked the buyer to extend the time. It is his issue, so that is only right.


Yes but the order is around 12 days “late” due to the buyer waiting several days for each revision. I have already done one extension on the order because it was taking so long. Now they want to wait another 5 days… I don’t want to push them though, not if they are dealing with family troubles.

I contacted CS to see what I should do.

Edit: I had a “?” after “what I should do”. It was not a question, I have already contacted them. :wink: Haha.


Because of some issues with a buyer, I have an order “121 days late”. So, I think we can keep an order in “in revision” forever.