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How long can I edit review again

I sold some service to buyer.I afraid he change my review again.How long he can change his review?How many days he can edit it?

Hi, Buyer can remove or edit their review three days after its placed.

Or buyer also can submit request to fiverr support to remove review.

with in 30 days he can modified rating after one month can not modify rating

Both buyers and sellers can edit review within 30 days. After 30 days even fiverr support can not edit it.

but i think buyer can not edit his/her reviews , buyer only can report to support team…

What’s b.s. about this is that I just cancelled a gig because the seller and I couldn’t come together on a product that was going to be satisfactory to me. He just wasn’t going to be able to do it. So what happened? Fiverr slapped him with a 1-star review without my knowledge. Now, he’s upset (rightfully so) and I’m upset (rightfully so again). If I can change the review I intend to.

Hasn’t fiverr ever seen an instance where a buyer and seller just couldn’t attain a satisfactory result and they just parted ways amicably? If I walk into a business to see if I can get something done or buy a product and they can’t accommodate me, I don’t go onto Yelp and leave them a one star review. I think it’s bogus that fiver gave this seller a one star review just because the order was cancelled.


  1. Review can be changed within 3 days of writing it.
  2. Buyers and sellers have 30 days to leave review.

Source of this information:


This seems very strange. Normally if there is a mutual cancellation there shouldn’t be an issue. Talk with customer support. They should clear this up.

Within a three days :slight_smile:

Where can I, as a seller, change a review?

You cannot change the review.

zaiba is correct in saying you cannot change your review. Please note, as general forum etiquette, it’s best not to revive a thread this old. Yours was the first reply in 2 years.

Sorry…I thought we weren’t supposed to start a new thread if there was already one

Hi @lbkcreative,

If you notice, this thread is originally from more than a year ago. Back then, the review system was a lot different than it is right now. Therefore, I think it would’ve been more helpful if you created a new thread…

But, no worries… I think your doubt has been clarified. As of right now, neither the buyer nor the seller can edit a review once it has been posted.

One suggestion: Please do not try to contact CS regarding editing/changing reviews, no matter if it is a review you posted or if it is a review you received from a buyer. I have read many posts on the forum where Fiverr demoted/warned/(even) banned sellers who did that. No matter what, just move on… That’s the smartest choice imo :slight_smile:

Good luck! :snowman:

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