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How long can i get the first order?

Maybe one week?One month?Half of year?However i will keep going.Maybe i will get my first order soon.
How long did you get your first order?


It took me a month (and a bit) to get going off the ground, but it really can vary, depending on your professionalism, niche, activity, and so many more.


It took me a month to get my first order. Do some social media promoting, thats how I got my first order.

Please stop spreading this lie! You can’t just spam random social media threads, call it ‘marketing’ and expect results. There is so much more to take into account like targeting, traffic and driving, that just saying ‘do some social media promotion’ doesn’t touch the surface on anything!

If you are lucky you will get soon.
Hope for the Best.
Same for me also didn’t get any order.


You will get a job within one day/ one week / one month.
But your need hard work to get job. This is not easy I think. You have to waiting for client response. And try to complete 10 bids every days. Bid must be match for your services. And You should try to share your gig to your social channel.
Have a good day
Thank you

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Hey, it worked for me. I didn’t spam or do anything, I do email list collection, so I joined a group related to that and voila, I got my first order. I totaly agree with you that we shouldn’t spam, but we can find relevant groups related to our gigs and post our gig in those!