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How long can I rate the seller

I bought something from someone, he has delivered the work. However, I am not very satisfied but I don’t want to give negative experience at the moment. I am still conversation with him

I’d like to know how long is there I can wait to review the experience before the review opening closes? (after delivery of work)

I think it’s about 30 days after the order is mark as completed. (If you do not choose to mark it as complete, it automatically becomes completed 3 days after seller has mark the order as delivered.)

that means I still have 30 days after delivery of work to rate and write bad comment to a seller who gave low quality / fake work

Yes, you do. You can also choose to request a modification if the choice is available. :slight_smile:

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I can’t see the request button now. It 's marked as ‘‘complete’’ but it’s Definitely NOT COMPLETE.

It’s obviously error project. The seller keeps delaying to provide help that he should provide. Do I still have chance to talk to Fiverr support about this??

I cannot find a link to them

You can find them through this link --> Customer Support

If that project even slightly good, That mean he know what he is doing
Send all details to seller and he will do as you wanted

thank you theratypist. I’ve got help from the Customer Support and they quickly gave me a very satisfactory result.!

No It was obviously a scam. And the seller was very unresponsive.
Fortunately, Fiverr protects my right. Thank you Fiverr

Buyers should rate the seller. Ratings are mostly important for all sellers.