How long can order be in revision?


Hello There,

If someone could help it would be great. I’ve delivered an order on time and the buyer was satisfied and said it was amazing but needed some things changed and will get back to me with details. But it has been almost a week and still no details about those changes. I’ve messaged buyer and she said she would let me know about it but still nothing. So I am wondering, how long can this order be in revision?



If you don’t redeliver, it will be there forever.



I face this issue when i was the new on fiverr. one of my client place order and that order not related to my work area. so that order was there for half month. its seem revision order. your profile will be damage with low rating. finally one of my friend told me to cancel order.

Revision order stay there as long as possible. if client want to cancel order that case your revision will be refuse. Revision order always damage your profile if order date passed.

Thank you


I actually made this exact same post about a month or so ago. A woman had a family emergency and was unable to send me the information she wanted revised for 32 days. So it sat there… untouched… for 32 days. However, we still talked a little once a week about the revisions she knew she would need.

I did two revisions with her, the first revision I sent back within 24 hours of when she requested it, the second was 30 days after. I still have 100% on-time delivery so I think you will be just fine. :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover: Goodluck! I know it is frustrating having an order just sitting there. Haha


Great! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


I think we should not worry so much about the ratings and stars. Getting paid is the top priority. If a buyer wants to give you one star, let him. But a seller should not do more revision that promised. Buyers will come base on your portfolio.