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How long can you receive payment after you delivered your gigs?

I mean without confirmation from the buyer, it seems that some buyer will confirm gigs you delivered very late…

Yes, kjblynx is right :slight_smile:

A total of 19 days to be exact.


A Buyer bought a gig on August 1, 2014 and you delivered it that same day => it will be then be auto-marked as complete on Aug. 4, 2014 (that’s 3 days) without buyers confirmation.

Now you have to wait for another 15 days pending, so on August 19, 2014 you’ll be able to see your available balance ready to be withdrawn on the upper right hand corner of our screen :slight_smile:

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Reply to @seo_champion: 19?

Reply to @seo_champion: 14 days pending + 3 days completion = 17 right?

Although this date can be stretched when you go through revisions and the like.

The example is on a gig that is 1 day delivery.

Once delivered, the 3 days ‘auto-completion’ (buyer didn’t hit the completion button) will start after the 24 hours time period. For example the gig was delivered with a remaining time of 8 hours, the 3 days ‘auto-completion’ will start after 8 hours.

Then a 15 days pending will occur before you get your payment ready to be withdrawn.

1 day (24 hours delivery) + 3 day auto-completion + 15 days = 19 days total :slight_smile:

Reply to @seo_champion: If I post a delivery, the autocomplete goes in at 3 days from then. As far as I know the “maximum delivery time” does not factor in, since I have had Gigs with wildly different delivery times hit complete at 3 days, regardless of how much time was left.

Say you have a Gig with 3 days delivery time. When you deliver it with 2 days to spare, it doesn’t take 5 more days to complete, right? The moment you hit “Deliver” it will stop the clock and the 3 days go in.

It has to be this way, because if the buyer requests a change, it will resume the (paused) Gig timer.

And the clearance time according to ToS is 14 days; if it is 15, then Fiverr’s holding the money too long.

Reply to @laughingcrow:

The 3 days auto-completion of fiverr is to give the buyer the chance to review the report/output given to them, this way, they have the time to contact the seller for any revisions needed. But, if the buyer marked it as complete then the 14 days (according to Fiverr) will start, but for me it’s usually 15 days :slight_smile:

Reply to @seo_champion: So it’s either (Completion Time+14 days) for an order marked as complete, or (Delivery Time +3 days +14 days) for an order that autocompletes after delivery.

Still is max 17.

I understand it might be 15 for you, but that might also be server timer errors. They have been a bit wonky lately and timers have been running up and down.

As far as I know, the timing I put here is the one Fiverr handles ideally - although it may differ greatly with the server’s current mood.

Reply to @laughingcrow: Yeah 17, thats why I asked 19…

14 days is always when order is complete. 3 days is auto order complete if buyer doesnt do anything.

Reply to @laughingcrow: You are right. When you deliver then 3 days starts counting. No matter how long your gig is. If buyer asks for modification, then after you again deliver, then it starts to count again.

I think from moment you deliver, that time in 3 days it will be completed, and same 14 days after founds will be cleared.

So if you deliver for example at 10 AM your time, in 3 days at 10AM it will be autocomplete, and in 14 days in 10 AM will be cleared.

If there isnt any fiverr bug lol

Reply to @laughingcrow:

I think your right. Their timers are having errors, at least their payment is still going smooth :slight_smile:

Reply to @seo_champion: I wonder why there isnt any bug once in awhile for payment clearence, I mean less time to clear bug lol

hello, I have a question my money shows up but, the paypal button is not lite up and says there is no funds to recieve or something like that. Do you have to have a certain amount before you can withdraw your money?

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks a lot.

Reply to @kjblynx: This is the exact process for clearing and getting the payment.

So they don’t really clear it the day that it says? It used to be so simple now it seems like they clear everything later then the date it says. If

This thread’s from nearly 4 years ago… :slightly_smiling_face: