How long CS takes to reply a level 2 seller's submitted ticket?


Hi guys
I have submitted a ticket because gig was just denied for a reason that I violated copyrights infringement. and i am still wondering how can that happen all the designs are mine and some of them if not mine then the buyers own those designs and they wanted it to recreate them in vector.
However that is not the issue I just want to know how long the fiverr CS will take to reply this poor level 2 seller so that he can discuss with them.
Any Ideas If any one contacted them before please update me. :sweat:



Generally they reply to me within 24 hours for normal issues and within 2 or 3 days for technical issues. I’m sure the waiting period is same for noobs like me, level 1s, 2s and TRS.


thanks man ok then i should wait for a day or 2 :slight_smile:


It depends on the severity of the issue.

Responses are supposedly faster for Level Two and TRS’s.

If you don’t receive a response within 72 hours you can send a polite follow up message.


I took a quick glance at your gigs, and some of your samples might point to some of your problem. You’ve got logos laid on in grids on your sample work and several of those logos are copyrighted by large companies. It looks like the colors or other small details might be slightly altered on your samples, but not enough to avoid copyright infringement. It’s quite possible that one of those companies complained to Fiverr about your gigs and that it has nothing to do with a particular buyer.

I know there are a ton of sellers on Fiverr using “borrowed” art or slightly changed art, but those gigs are going down day by day. To avoid problems, I would suggesting creating some truly original logo designs without utilizing any clip art or other 3rd party sources. Use those for your samples and when a buyer orders, create original work for them.

If a buyer sends you work to be redrawn as a vector file and you aren’t sure if they own the art, you can either cancel or you can do the job but not put that image in your portfolio. Then you won’t get in trouble for another person’s mistake. Good luck with CS! :slight_smile:


You are Right may be can you please kindly specify it a bit more to me. And about the designs that are related to higher companies I beg to differ I do not deny that i don’t use already created design elements I do but those elements when i take from web i make sure 10 times that it’s a freeware plus i never used the element as a whole this it is always a small or minor part of the logo. Why i do this Because of one simple this Get benefit from the web sources in short we say “Don’t reinvent the wheel”.:neutral_face:


Here is something specific for you. If I can find the element or logo in a reverse search, you didn’t just use a minor part. I’m not going to debate about copyright law further, but there is a big difference in copying and taking inspiration from something.


Pardon me but I didn’t get the reverse search part. :expressionless:


From a Google source:

"How reverse image search works

When you search using an image, your search results may include:

Similar images
Sites that include the image
Other sizes of the image you searched for

Search using an image works best when the image is likely to show up in other places on the web. So you’ll get more results for famous landmarks than you will for personal images like your latest family photo."

That means that I shouldn’t be able to find your samples on in copyrighted locations when I do a reverse image search on your images. Your work should be original enough to avoid this.


Wow I didn’t really thought that before thanks for this big thing in Notice.

However about my gig issue I think Fiverr is implementing an automatic system of detecting closely similar designs on fiverr gig images and on copyright protected watermarked Images on web. Upon my Discussion to CS they say that They found one of my design in multiple logos image, same as the one on web which is copyright protected. If these are your original designs then provide us with source files and we will see it through. For which i am so happy because I did all that work and i have everything in a core layers form. :wink: Hopefully I will get my gig back :slight_smile:

About your Passing that search I think no designer will be able to do that now days. because of a huge amount of designs and brands created each day just on fiverr and if we consider other platforms then guess yourself. :confused:


Good luck. There are many designers who don’t work on Fiverr and create their own designs ever single day for major companies. They don’t use other source material of any kind. It is not unlike the way other arts work. There are hundreds of thousands of stories about romance or mystery, horror or comedy.

When I read a book by one of my favorite authors, though, it is still a brand new tale without a single paragraph copied from anyone else. You can build your business any way you like if Fiverr will allow it but it is originality and quality that can make you better than others.


Of course Originality is the core thing in arts. Perhaps you didn’t get me right. I didn’t said that i take freewares and use them as it is in design I modify them according to need let me show you and example of what i am talking about.
Here is an image of overall i took from freepik’s popular icon site > flaticon

And here is the Final product I created for my customer. What do you say is this called coping others design ?

and not only this I have seen and still see a lot of other gigs who use popular logos designs of other, very popular designers, as there gig’s main image and thumbnail. and they are still running and they are not denied. and i am not talking about the reverse search of google. Just go take a look on Fiverr > graphics design > logo designs > Filter Flat/Minimalist browse first 2 pages and then go to google and type flat minimalist logo design you will see it yourself.


and here is a common one from me. if you don’t want to waste your time

This guy did over 2k above sales as shown. and now take a look at this :slight_smile:

Following on to final results this design is from dribbble :smile: and this gig is running right now with 33 orders I queue.

What you say about that :smile:


I say that just because some cheat on here doesn’t make it right that you do it.


I didn’t Cheat and i don’t. My gig is was accused and denied just for suspecting the using copyright designs Which upon my providing proofs is approved. I am just saying that how guys like these are working fine and my well running gig got dropped from 900+clicks / day to 150 clicks/ week. And my gig was turned off just because they suspected the copying without any proofs. and it is now approved and still not in the search and online because of a problem. it’s like choosing a seller and ruining is whole profile for no reason.


I have always understood what you’ve been saying. You are saying that you sometimes legally use pieces of content from the internet and modify them. I am aware that there are various legal ways to do this and a buyer might find it useful if the price is right and the image used is truly legal for them to display commercially.

I am also aware that there are major designers who do not need to use piece of content from elsewhere. The best designers create from scratch, and they are generally going to earn more and may be considered better. As long as what you are doing is allowed you can go either route.

You used the overall without modifying it in any way, you just put it on top of another drawing. Yes, I think that’s copying, but that wouldn’t necessarily make it illegal by itself, it just might change the quality. However, the site where you got that says this about all their art:

“This license allows you to use for free any of Flaticon contents for your projects as long as they are attributed to their author in the definitive project.”

If you designed a logo for “Overalls RV” and used that icon as a complete part of the work, you should have an attribution to the author clearly displayed and the person you sold it to would be violating the copyright if they don’t keep that attribution intact. If you didn’t do that and didn’t notify your buyer about it, you didn’t go by the legal statements on the site.

I have seen those too. They are wrong. When they are reported by the copyright owners or enough angry buyers, they will eventually be denied. Sure, they’ll make some money stealing other people’s work for a while. That doesn’t have anything to do with what I’m trying to tell you.

I have zero problem with people who design logos using their own original work. I have zero problem with people who design logos using legally reproduced material and notifying their buyers appropriately. Your example is not an example of legal distribution UNLESS you attributed it and maybe you did. You are the one who said:

It can happen because you copied content from others sites and you got caught. You said that you later proved that you used that content in a legal way and your gig was restored. If so, great. If you aren’t cheating or stealing, great. If you use content that isn’t correctly credited to the creator, though, you will end up caught again. That is seriously all I’m trying to tell you, nothing more, nothing less.



I remember when I first started Fiverr, it took like 2 hours!

But now that this site is growing, I see it taking around 14-18 hours. Depends on what your case is.


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