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How long CS will take to respond now a days?

I need immediate assistance from CS as I am stuck with the buyer cancellation request. They responded to me through an autogenerated email that it can take up to 10 business days to respond back (human response). Can anyone tell me how long they will take to contact me back as I level two seller?

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No one know, I was added a query 15 days ago, first reply from bot that it will take 10 days for human reply, 2nd reply after 5 days from bot that CS are very busy due to heavy tickets, 3rd reply from bots after 15 days that hope your queries resolved and then My ticket automatically got marked resolved. NICE!!!

To be honest I wonder if there are so many people contacting CS unnecessarily that they can’t keep up. I believe there are a lot of new sellers in the last few months so their ticket inbox is back logged.

I recently dealt with Fiverr CS too, it took them about 5 days to respond, after the first respond the next reply is fast, about 1 day.

Did you respond to the ticket that 'my issue is not solved yet?

@muztre is your issue solved now?

No, then i understand that if i respond no chance if came reply,

I am waiting for a week now and nothing yet. I guess, there are too many people who needs help, but not enough people is CS team. Recently one guy here told, that he is already waiting for 19 days

I need to have an order cancelled too but looks like I’ll be waiting 10 days at the very least.

yes solved indeed @noorannie56

@ssj1236 does order cancellation affected your profile? Is this matter solved by CS?

Yes and no. You can cancel orders on your own but I’m just dealing with a complicated client that’s all.