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How long did i take to get your first order?

Just wondering how long it takes


It is totally on you and your luck buddy just complete 10 buyer requests daily by sending it to buyers as a proposal if you are new on this platform. Make your proposal very effective your communication towards buyer matters. Just practice it daily you will definitely get you first order soon.
Best of luck

I opened my Fiverr account back in September 2018, placed my first gig a few days later, shared it across my SM network and waited. Over a year went by and not one sale. Then late November of last year after reading and watching several Fiverr tutorials, I decided to implement several things that I initially didn’t think was necessary (Gig Introduction Video and FAQ). Within 24 hours of setting up just those two items and sharing it again I received my first order. I kept getting orders almost every other day since then until late December where orders started coming 2-4 at a time.

So it took me over a year to get my first order, due to not having the correct ingredients in my gig. After returning and adding those missing ingredients it took 24 hours.

This info may not help you get an order in the next day, but just look at several topseller gigs and compare them to yours to see what they all have that yours does not. Having a completed profile and complete clearly stated gigs goes a long way. Everything else after that is up to how you communicate and deal with customers and their orders.

There are several great tutorials here on Fiverr and throughout the web - I strongly recommend checking out a few

I wish you the best of luck.

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