¿How long did it take for YOU to become a level 2 seller?


Hey, my name is Sergio and I’m pretty new to fiverr which is AWESOME and I’m Just curious as to how long it might have taken some of you to become a level 2 seller.


Under a month.


I would be a level 2 seller right now…however I have not been here for 60 days yet. Looks like you just joined fiverr 8 days ago, so you have at least 52 more days before you can be a level 2 seller! :slight_smile:


I went from no status to level 1, then to level 2, all within two months.


The level system (level 1 and level 2) is automated. Once you fulfill the necessary requirements you’ll automatically be promoted to level 1 or 2. FYI it took 2 months for me to become a level 2 seller :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve only been on fiverr for a few days but I’m really excited. I’ve already sold 6 gigs which to you guys might seem like nothing hahaha Thank you all for responding and I hope the stories keep coming. If you can recommend interesting discussions I would appreciate it. I tried to find important ones but they ALL seem important. If you could share a discussion that you consider REALLY important I would appreciate it.


About 2 months


About 2 weeks But I already had my account about a year


About 3 months, but the first month I got no orders. I got 2 months full of orders…Every day 3-4 orders for graphic works. It was hard to do everything on time, then I met a very unkind buyer that has destroyed my 100% positive feedback and my orders decreased a lot. Now I created new gigs and got more sales but keep in mind that the 100% positive feedback is very very important.

Best Regards.



Almost 2 months. So your looking at around 2 months is the usual.


Thank you all for your stories. And I hope to be among your ranks soon =)


I got my level 2 in about 2 months too, now working on getting Top Rated! :smiley:


Good stuff and the best of success this year to all of you!


Just in two mount. Ironicly when I was been ‘sheep’ , I have more salles than today :frowning:


About 2 months, good luck with your gig


i offer keyword research servie. i was level 1 within 2 days right after my 10 sale. today is my 16 day and i’m on my 44th sale. keeping my fingers crossed for level 2 soon.

I’m sharing my story to inspire all the new fiverrs. I have been very pleased and look forward to connecting with other fiverr sellers.

Happy New Year!


Woo Hoo! Been on fiverr since Nov. 28th and tonight just got level 2 seller! I love fiverr! :smiley:


Haha i just became a level 2 seller myself like a few hours ago! super excited and pumped! $-)

and oh it took me about 40 days to be one ;D !! Good luck to you Sergio… and Congratulations blackfolder1… lets hope for a top rated seller status now =D



Congrats to @blackfolder1 and @gunn3r, 2013 will be a great year for everyone on Fiverr


I am working on 2nd level…