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How long did it take for your first order?


I’m a (semi-)new worker on Fiverr. I’m curious on how long it took for you guys to get your first order and by what means did you promote your gig?


I received my first order in the first week by sending offers to the buyer requests. Later an unexpected voodoo happened, which resulted in an increased number of orders. It is amazing when the clients find my gig individually without me having to even send them the offers.


That isn’t a useful question. It doesn’t tell you what you can expect with your own gig and there are so many variables.

There’s no magic threshold that makes orders more likely.

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I received my first order in the 1 month by sending offers
and first buyer was very formal person


Hello, You can use the Buyer Request section to sending 10 offers every day for the clients and you can share your gigs into the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Have a nice day

Hello sir, i am a graphic designer my fiverr no order please help me.

No one can help you with that. Kindly, do your own research :no_good_woman:

Hello friend thank you for telling me

I haven’t received my first order yet :cry:

Wow, Good to know that

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