How long did it take for your fiverr career to take off?



I am a new seller here on fiverr. I’ve just been here for a couple of days but I’ve been studying fiverr for quite a while before joining. I got my first order a day after I got my 1st gig up. Of course I was really pumped. I delivered the order in a few hours but unfortunately the customer haven’t left a reply till now. That first comment would have been a great help. Anyway, my gig has been getting good “Impression” numbers but no new orders as yet. I think that completely understandable, having no ratings and all just yet. Anyway, after browsing around, I came across another newbie, who’s just been on fiverr for something like 2 weeks and has got 10 or so orders in queue. Now I am wondering, and I think it would be interesting if successful sellers here on fiverr can share how long it took for their fiverr careers to take off.

So, to ask the question plainly, how long did your did it took for your fiverr career to take off?


About the same as mystic, a month.


Reply to @mystic_insight: Thanks for sharing. We’re you intensively promoting your gig that whole time?


About a month seems to be the rule. And yes, not giving (positive) reviews can really hurt, especially since they’re practically the only thing to separate you from other sellers when sending buyer requests. :confused: But keep it up, and maybe make a couple more specialized Gigs. :slight_smile: