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How long did it take to get your first order on Fiverr?

Share your awesome memories :slight_smile:

I got my first order a week after opening my fiverr account :slight_smile:

That’s great

I got my 1st order within 24 hrs.

Mine after Two days

Reply to @ytvise: Same here. It was a great feeling.

Reply to @ines_art: Lucky You :slight_smile:

A few days after. Just luck I believe. I’ve had to wait weeks for the first sale on newer gigs.

1 day

i got my first two orders with in 12 hours…:smiley: after completing them received 100% rating

:slight_smile: . but did not get order again . 4 days have passed :frowning:

We got 3 orders in the first 4 hours as far as I can remember.

I got my 1st order in… oh wait… I haven’t got a 1st order. :((

i got my first order within two weeks

I am new here. I posted my gigs. Within five hours, I had my first order. I have been here less than a day and have already delivered an order. The secret to fiverr success, I think, is education. Prior to joining, I read a lot of ebooks, articles, and reviews about the site.

Hi there! It took me about 16 days to get my first order. It came in last night, and I am in the process of delivering it. Sharing my gigs on Twitter really helped. I got attention from a couple of people from there, who I hope will order soon.

Might have been a day or two.

Reply to @jmvazquez: all the best!

Hey U got a nice profile pic… :wink:

Have not gotten any yet… :))

Reply to @kisskisslovee: Oh all the best!!