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How long did it take to get your first order on Fiverr?

I got my 4 order within 24 hours and getting order constantly. Great experience on Fiverr till then.

i got my first order within two weeks

Am a newbie, created an account 2 days ago, goting order within 2 hours, i think fiverr is the way forward!!!

I’m astonished because I’ve heard that it is difficult to start selling from 0. I made my first gig a week ago and after just one day I got my first order. I haven’t promoted my gigs earlier. Wow. For now I’ve sold my the best gig for 10 times and with every next day the amount increases! The rating is 100% for now. Great!

P.S. I advertise logos/banners/text in an usual ways.

Strange . I cant find a single order in two weeks time . I am sure about my skills but still zero orders.

I got mine within 3 days of launching my first gig :slight_smile:

3 days here as well! I am digging it so far.

i got my first order after 4 months Since i joined …but i have to agree first couple of months i was not so active on Fiverr … And Now iam Super Active !!!

I am waiting for my first order…

I eagerly await my first order…it’s great there is a place like the forums where I can hear success story’s and be inspired.

Still waiting on my first one but I just joined days ago. Doesn’t help that I entered a saturated market (SEO) but I’m sure I can make a difference once the orders start coming.

Until then i’m pitching my ideas to open requests in the hope that some of them understand that SEO takes times and might be more expensive than 5$.

I did get a promise form an interesting website that believes in my pitch and said they would contact me next week.

i joined fiverr almost 2 weeks ago but i did’t got any order yet and am waiting for it :frowning:

@kisskisslovee thats a funny username,

I just put up my first two gigs this week, so far no takers. My gigs aren’t showing up in their categories, though, even under new. So it might be related to that. =)

Of course, I joined in 2012… But just to buy. So if I get my first gig soon it will have been 4 years since I joined. :wink:

How did you get your first two orders in 12 hours ? cna you share strategy ?