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How long did it take to make your first $100


Hi FIVERR family,
To encourage ourselves, can we all say how long it took you to make first $100 on FIVERR.


Less than 1 week - I was blown away!


3 months for first $100… in next three months it took me to more than $1200


it took me two weeks, it keeps increasing though


Well I have only sold one gig, but am try hard to make sure I trying to meet the deadline of a month I wished my self.

Can you guy please help me to check my gigs and see whether am missing something out…


I would say a bit less than two weeks, mostly with 5 to 20$ orders.


it took me 3 months ! bcos i offer voice over services and most of the clients expect voice over of as many words as they want for just 5 bugs… :laughing:


wow that was real fast… wishing you more success and more dollars :smile:


it took long time for me…


How many weeks or months?


That super fast @lynnehuysamen, for someone coming from my part of the world? That’s like a tall dream you know because some buyers here actually entertain some unfounded fear on our capacity to deliver.


2 days probably. Not very long.


I made my gig on december 19 2016. and I earned $50 that month and the next month I earned $100 within 15 days . So I guess it took me 20 days.


what services do you offer?


It took 1 month after i received my first order.


Hi , virtualast007

There is many factors are effecting in making first 100$ . If you follow this few points you can make 100$ in just 1 or 2 day even maximum in 1 week.

Note : This suggestion is based on my experiences. I don’t know how much time it’s maximum take.

Here is few points you can follow every single order and overall in your fiverr gig selling progress.

  • Read fiverr policy , Terms & Conditions more then 3 time and understand it well , ( if required print out via printer and get handy ) it useful to handle fake / scheme buyer and very useful when some scheme buyer come to hire you. You can save your self from different situations that usually happen with major sellers.

  • Provide services that you are confident about. That you can provide best of your best to your customer & understand customers requirements . Deliver order once you both party are satisfied. Do not send order delivery without know what customer expect from you. That can create bad situation for you .

  • Show your top notch projects / portfolio to your customer. Add portfolios that is your best of best . Though portfolio they can hire you as that is best way to impress / earn trust. Accept order once you understand & Clear project requirements / discussion with customer via messages.

  • Most Important : Do not do chat communication with your buyer , ( 1 on 1 messages , instant messages in fiverr messages ) , Reply with clear explanation . ask everything in just 1 or 2 messages when project is on communication / discussion stage. Explain to your customer what you can do and what you can’t in 1 or 2 message.

  • Make gig description very clear and understandable . Upload portfolio images with good quality . Make sure do not use any images that is not your copyright ! When you write your gigs description make sure your all most impotent skill points cover.

Note : During freelancing starting days , You need to prepare for your self for great work , take time to learn your skill if required , but poor service not going to impress customer in any way , In fiverr there is lot’s things between 5 star rating and money so do not give first priority to $$ , Give priority to your skill , customer satisfaction . And once you understand this few factors you make good income automatic . not just first 100$ , you can earn lot’s if you are real pro.

Kind Regards


20 days or so. Went downwards a bit, but it seems to be stepping up again lately.


Maybe a month, I did too much for 5$ initially when i opened my account after then I realised the real worth of work


1 month :stuck_out_tongue:


2 months! Hope it will pick up when i level up to level 1 seller! :slight_smile: