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How long did it take to make your first sale?

I was just wondering, I wanna hear your stories.

i had a bad luck when i got my first order. here in africa, internet service is not found everywhere. after joining fiverr, i spent few months without an order then something came up and then i traveled to the village and when i came back, i was shocked to see that there was an order and it has been cancelled. i was so sad. i still hope for another someday.

I got my first one 20 minutes after the gig was up.

I got my first order within two days of joining if I remember correctly. I was not expecting any orders to be honest because I had no idea how things worked.

Woah! I got mine after 19 days. 20 minutes and 2 days seem so good to me haha.

I was fortunate in getting my first 2 sales in less than 48 hours. The next one came about a week later and then about once a week for a couple months. After that I got a little run of several orders in a week. After that run I was hooked and realized the potential for sales if I put my mind to it!

I used to get orders all the time, but I left Fiverr for 3 months, and when I came back my level was dropped from 2 to 0. You just gotta advertise your gig alot outside of fiverr. Do it on fb,twitter, etc etc … You will eventually begin to get a steady flow of customers. Thats what I did and I ended up with over 75 orders in one month!

i got my first order within 7days… :slight_smile: and got the Level 1 Seller tag within 30days.

it took almost 3 weeks to get my first order :frowning:

Well, our company just uploaded all of our Gigs tonight…

so hopefully our first sale will come soon! :slight_smile:

I made my first gig and after 2 days, my first sale!

after completing my first five orders now i cant find work since month.

unfortunately when i completed my first order my buyer ran away…

he did pay me until i connect fiverr support.

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Just started my gigs tonight so I will let you know once I get my first order :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my first order was a day after I put my gig up. :slight_smile: I was really nervous and thinking about what it was like if I didn’t deliver on time and stuff, then you get used to it!

took me couple of days to get my first order

it’s been 2 month I didn’t get a single order…