How long did it take to sell your first gig?


Hey there! I’m a new seller and I’m not in any rush. I just found Fiverr earlier today and think it’s a great site! I was just curious, how long did it take you to sell your first gig? So many of you have sold hundreds and hundreds of gigs and I’m just so impressed! You guys are my inspiration. Any tips for a new seller would be much appreciated as well. (:



We started on fiverr just after they began and back then the market wasn’t so saturated, so to answer your question, not long. Now the market is an entirely different ball game and you need to stand out. Once you have your initial sales completed with positive feedback you’ll start to gain traction in sales and the fiverr internal search engine.

The trick to when you first start out is to promote your gigs externally from fiverr, try initially selling to your friends/family etc. You can start by posting on your social media with a little post about how you’re just starting out and a helping hand would be great.

Then you need to think out of the box a little…

Post on forums related to what you’re doing.

Post on other social network pages/profiles (no spamming)

Writing is in high demand. If you create extra gigs to say I’ll write a 500 word article in a specific topic (niche), preferably something you love, then all you need is a few site owners in that niche who will buy from you regularly.

Short stories are also in demand. Again branch out your gigs here to target specific niches. You could look at writing larger stories for the ebook market which is huge.

Spend some time tweaking your sales pages on your gigs. You now have the ability to write bold headings, outline facts, highlight paragraphs etc. You need to STAND OUT

Writing is a huge market. If you can write good articles and get your first initial sales with good feedback, you’ll do very well.

Feedback is everything on fiverr. Deliver quality on time and always over deliver with a smile and you’ll reap the rewards.

Good luck with your fiverr ventures.


Flyby- Thank you so much for your post. It was very helpful. Since I have a bachelors degree in English and a minor in creative writing, I would say writing is definitely my strong hold. I have created gigs around this ability and plan to create more in the near future. My first gig I created was a short story gig actually. I tend to look at all the gigs people are selling in my same area and have a hard time believing anyone will purchase a gig from me instead of those sellers who have 100% positive feedback and have sold 300 gigs or more. But everyone has to start somewhere! Since I live in Florida I have also created some gigs about traveling and planning vacations. I’m trying to keep the gigs within line of things that I excel at and love doing to make sure they are done to the highest quality possible. I think the idea of posting on social media and networking out would be the best choice for me at the moment. I appreciate the advice and can’t wait for Fiverr to take off for me, like it has for many others.


Hey girl! Welcome to Fiverr! You have some good looking gigs already, so way to go on that! If you want to get your sales rolling in, I would HIGHLY suggest that you create the following gigs: a “hold your sign” gig (its really easy, quick, and people want cute girls like us to promote their stuff!), a website/ product review gig (another very quick and easy $4), and a video testimonial gig (don’t forget to put a word or time limit in your gig description!)

These gigs are super easy, and buyers are less likely to care that you have no feedback with these types of gigs, rather than writing gigs where they want to hear if other people think you’re actually a good writer. That being said, its not impossible to get a sale on a writing gig that has no feedback. I did it, and I’m sure you can too :slight_smile:

Good luck and if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask! --Cassy


I just thought of this also: Include in your writing gig descriptions that you have a bachelors degree in English and a minor in creative writing! Actually, that should be the highlight of you description!! I think what might have helped me get my first sales on my writing gig is that I highlighted the fact that I have a 4.0 GPA, an A in all my writing, grammar, and English classes, and I have a lot of experience writing.


It took me 3 months for my first gig order and then it took even more for second order. It was very hard during that time. I needed money badly and somehow it worked out :slight_smile:


It took me only 1 day to get my first sale :slight_smile:

I joined Fiverr 7 days ago and now one of my GIG is on TOP at search in Business Card Design Service and getting Good Orders :slight_smile:


it took 3 or 4 days. :slight_smile: depends what gig you offered. & @flyby thnx for your tips *-:slight_smile:


Still waiting :-S


Took me about one week. A very looooong one week, lol :wink: