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How long did it take you before your gigs ranked on Fiverr?


I have had my gigs running now for approximately 2-3 weeks. For some reason they are not visible though. I don’t mean on the first page but not even on a “lousy” 10 or 15 page in.
I’m starting to wonder if there’s something wrong and the search engine will not end up picking them up at all?..

How long did it take you for your gig/s to have visibility?

I had one of my gigs Seo optimised but still received no results.
A different seo guy told me that because my profile photo etc was bad when I first started off, that my gigs would never rank and I would need to open a whole new account and start all over again🤯.

Can anyone confirm whether he is right?

Personally I have zero knowledge of seo/computer tech stuff. It gives me a headache and I would rather pay someone else to do it for me.

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There is no standard. It’s based on layers of independent factors and also the supply/demand in your industry.

Your question contradicts how algorithms work. They don’t allow for (It’s been 2 weeks, so let’s put this seller on page 4). An algorithm is a set of conditions that dictate a set of actions. It’s not a manual placement after a chunk of time.

If time isn’t a factor, then I’m concerned now that my gigs may never rank.

An SEO guy told me that because my profile was not great when I first wrote the gigs, that they will never rank and that I will have to create a new account!?