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How long did it take you to get your first buyer?

I am relatively new to this website and from what I’ve seen a huge challenge for most people is getting buyers and some people claim to have been here for over 3 months without buyers. This seems like a website with large competition and how do buyers even notice my gig when other people keep creating the same gig so buyers would have to scroll down to see my gig that’s even if the consider checking out the new section. I really think I have something to offer but how will buyers even be able to come across it? Please help.

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It took me just a couple of days to get my order. Although I have been on fiverr for around 1 month but I was on vacation most of the time, but still I got over 15 sales.

So here is how you should begin on Fiverr.

  1. Please write proper gig descriptions, your current gig descriptions are very very short.
  2. Apply on buyer requests with custom detailed solutions
  3. Be very responsive.

I am sure, you will get an order very soon that way. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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thanks will do :slight_smile:

Not even a day.

I got my first sell after three months and within two months I was a level 2 seller.
Personally, I believe determination and perseverance is the first step towards your first sell. Had I given up within the initial 3 months, I wouldn’t have made that sale.

Make your gigs visible by expressively describing what you can offer your clients.
All the best on this journey, friend.

Well…I am also new here i have joined yesterday…and after i created my second Gig i have recieved an offer within 15 mints …am pretty sure it depends on what kind of Gig you create

just wait and edit your Gigs from time to time and i hope you get your first buyer :wink:

2 or perhaps 3 days.

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