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How long did it take YOU to make money on fiverr?


Hi everyone i have recently joined fiverr and only just relized that there is a forum connected to it. I am a young graphic designer just beginning to make money of what i do. I have been on the site for a couple of days now and although i have not yet made any money i am still hopeful. Please check out some of my gigs here Oh, and one more thing how long did it take you to make your first sale on fiverr


It took me a few days I think, but I’ve heard it can take weeks or even months for some. I had a quick look at your gig and I think you should continue reading this forum. There are a ton of things you can improve.

Start with these:


Hey thank for the reply. I’ll be sure to keep reading.


It depends on luck mostly. Keep trying.


I think you are right! I have passed 1 month ago but still not come any order on fiverr, its takes some time and want some hard work to approach it.


In this year many peoples like to do freelancing actually it is a competition
you have to do check your buyer request 3 more times and send offer them as seller you have 10 offers daily then you can get your 1st order soon
and also put 3 sample images on you gig
good luck