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How long did it take you to make your first sale?

Hey guys,I’m chris. I’m new here
It’s been 5 days since I posted my gigs and I’m trying not be anxious about getting the first sale, and I think a wonderful way of getting rid of anxiety is reading stories :slight_smile:

What did you feel the first time you got an order? what was the experience like? how long did it take you to make the next sale? Do you have bad buyer stories?

I’d appreciate any experiences you’d like to share with me! :blush:


Be patient, Chris. It took me 45 days to get my first order and there are people here who have never recieved and order.

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Thank you so much for the wisdom! I didn’t know it took that long. Do you have any advice on what I could do while waiting?

Read a good book? :thinking:

Or make sure your gigs are perfect! :wink:

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Haha, sometimes I guess we really have no choice but to wait. :slight_smile: thank you so much for your time!

Have you used Buyer Requests? I just looked at your gig page. You have done an outstanding job on it. :star_struck:

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Thank you! :blush: I am trying to use the buyer request feature, but unfortunately I can only see 1-4 active.

Welcome Chris, you have some very interesting gigs!

It took me about a month to receive my first order, was busy with other projects and my gig was just sitting there and suddenly I had some messages in my inbox and finally my first order :slight_smile: I was excited and concerned about it at the same time, because I knew I had to receive a flawless 5 star review in order to even have a chance on here. The next order came only a few days later and by then I noticed that my gig had a rising talent badge. If you want to speed up the process I suggest sharing your gig on social media, some on here seem to drive impressive results that way.

Looking at your gigs, I would be surprised if they will not be noticed eventually, it may take some time. In the meantime, the buyers requests section may be a good start. In a nutshell, I am less worried about customers on here, they tend to be just like clients you would have off-fiver. There are some ugly stories here and there in the forum and while they may be accurate, don’t let them get to you.

Wishing you the best!


Until you get to be a level 1, you will not see many. Keep checking throughout the day. Fiverr only lets 10 new sellers make offers on each rquest so you have to be quick. But follow this advice when you resopond to a Buyer Request.


after 30-35 days I got my first sale.

This is a really useful article. Thank you very much, I’ll be sure to think of this every time I bid on a Buyer request. Hopefully I get to level 1 someday! Thank you very much vickie, you’re really friendly and such a help to me. :slight_smile: thank you for being generous and taking the time to share your knowledge :blush:

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Hi tom! Thank you for sharing your experience.

Haha I think It’d be nerve wrecking to have your first sale and REALLY wanting a five star review. Imagine if the first review was a 1 star review. I doubt anyone will give that freelancer a chance :smile:

Unfortunately I can’t share on social media because I don’t have one haha anyway
Thank you very much! You are very helpful and I wish you happiness in your life as well :blush:

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Hopefully I get mine in that timeframe too :sweat: Thank you for sharing!

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