How long did it take you to reach level 1?


I hear a lot of different stories: some people say that it took their Fiverr gigs several months to take flight, and other people say they’re getting level 1 really fast without even trying. Speaking for myself, my Fiverr account has been open for a while, but I didn’t start selling until the 7th of February which means I got my level 1 badge as soon as I had 10 sales with positive reviews which means I got my level 1 after 18 days. Hurray for me? I’m curious to hear about others’ experiences:

How long did you have to wait for level 1?

Do you have any tips, tricks, and advice to share for people still waiting for level 1?

Any trips, tricks, or advice to share for people on the way to level 2?


Reply to @susanthewriter: Leveling up must be really hard in the writing and content creation niche. Even reaching level 1 is admirable.

Best of luck with future sales.


It took me 3 months to reach level 1. I started at the end of November and sold a few gigs right away then nothing until mid January (I didn’t promote much in December either because I was busy at work). My sales started picking up again in January when I added a Product Description gig and I just hit level 1 last week thanks to repeat business. I’m excited to see this taking off.


I was the same. My Fiverr account had been open for a while, so when I started selling, I made level 1 in about 10 days then level 2 in about 3 weeks. It was nice not having to wait 2 months for the badge.

For anybody struggling to get to level 1, I’d advise offering insane deals. I offered 1000 words of text in 12 hours to start with. I knew without a doubt I was going to get orders and therefore my badge.

Getting to level 2 is a tad harder. Getting clients who bulk order to order individually helps. The best way though (in my opinion) is to find regular customers. I get that that’s hard if you offer a one-off service. I think one customer made up 20% of my first 50 orders. You only need a few of those and you’re sorted.

Congrats on the promotion anyway James. I think many people looking to establish themselves on Fiverr could learn a lot from how you’ve taken to the site.


Reply to @sara1984: I’ve been reading the forums a lot and I’ve compiled quite a few notes of what I found useful. When I hit my 30-day anniversary, I’m going to post it. There are folks who’ve been a lot more successful than me in a 30-day period, but the process and experience is new to me and I can imagine there are at least a few others who’d appreciate the perspective :slight_smile:


I got on level 1 after 30 days when started Fiverr :slight_smile: (you need to be atleast 1 month old to be level 1)


For me it takes 3 Months


I got Level 1 in one month, and Level 2 in two months. Basically, as fast as you can get them. I feel like I got lucky to get that far so fast, but I also deliver quality work so that’s a big part of the equation.


Level 1 didn’t take me more than 5-10 days.


I guess some gigs have less competition and more clients than others.

But one thing that would always work would be to simply start offering gigs that give twice as much to the client as your best competitors - or more.

I simply can’t see how anyone can prefer a new seller than an established one with high rating if they both provide exactly the same service.

But then again, people who get 50 orders per day can’t provide the same value per customer as a person who gets 1. So try to make the best out of this one order until those start rolling.


30 days


Reply to @mystic_insight:

And she knew exactly how long it would take when she joined. Best girl physic on Fiverr ^


It took me 30 days after joining to get level 1 status, and another 30 afterwords to get to level 2. Hit the right gig(s), and everything will fall into place.


One month for level 1, another 4 for level 2.


Level 1 - 1 month

Level 2 - 2 months

Top rated seller - 4 months

If you want to reach level 1 fast, make your prices incredibly low and over-deliver massively to beat your competition and build a reputation OR offer something completely unique.

Maybe you’ll only earn $1/hour in your first month, but I can tell you, it’s a good investment. Accept it, work your ass off, and it will get better.

I just checked your gigs and by comparing your gig to the others in your category, I can tell you have a lot of potential here on fiverr. Be patient, don’t give up, and always give your best.

BTW - I just bought a full reading from you :wink: Can’t wait!


it took 1 month for me to reach level one. I would suggest you to give best services economically, you will reach level 1 quickly.


Reply to @heronimus: I just woke up, and it’s a great thing to see orders in the inbox! I’m getting started on your purchase right now and it’ll be ready very soon.


Reply to @kjblynx: I’m new to Fiverr, so that’s news to me. I didn’t realize it took them so long to implement levels, extras, and multiples? Wow.


19 days after creating my account, i started getting sales and made level one in a couple of days but things seem to be going slow again but am on my way to level 2, hopefully sales will fire up again…


Reply to @sara1984: Best ever, eh? Well, now I know where to go when I want a reading from somebody else. @mystic_insight, if you ever want to trade readings, let me know.