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How long did it take you to reach level 1?


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I’ve been extremely fortunate and reached level 1 in probably 9-10 days! It’s exciting but also scary because it seems this level of success so quickly will slow slightly. I guess that’s just part of the game.


1 month for level one then got level 2 in 23 days :slight_smile:

Just give your best to the community. I completely agree with the @heronimus work your ass off, its a good investment you will see the result afterwards for sure !

good luck to everyone !

Next goal… TRS ! :slight_smile:


When I got my very first order I got hit by really bad customer, if he is reading this he knows who I am talking about.

I was so unlucky that I had to deal with a really fussy guy as my very first customer lol, who made me do no less than 25 revisions! no bs here, I did about 25 revisions for my very first order. However, I stuck in there and put up with that guy and that was what really made me who I am at fiverr. I learned so much from a bad customer and I started to appreciate a good customer.

Now If I get a really fussy customer as I do sometimes I just cancel the order as they don’t appreciate how much time is involved for just 1 gig and they refuse to order the gig extra when they really should. But I even cancel the order If I have to in a very polite manner, I guess it’s also in my nature too to be polite.

The point here, I was always polite and always appreciative for the order and never complained regardless of how big or small the job was.

From then on my gig took off and I was getting orders from left, right and centre.

I then increased the amount of gigs I could offer within my skills and they too started doing really well and I managed to get to level 2.

I am of course aiming to be a super seller even tho it may take a while. Once you are at the top people tend to go for the high rating as they don’t really care how much they pay, they care about the quality that they will get. So quality is the second key here.

Lastly, when I complete an order and deliver it in less time than expected I got really nice reviews about it. So “speed” is another key here.

Hope these tips helps as they did for me.

Good luck.


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Good perspective on your fussy customer.


@jamesbulls Thank you!


I was on Fiverr for a month before I started selling. It took six days to get my first sale after activating my gigs, another six days to hit level 1 and after that a month to hit level 2. But there are definitely peaks and troughs with regard to orders, so I imagine it varies substantially. The key is to keep motivated, keep improving your gigs (description, videos etc.) and to be prepared to deliver a 5 star service to get the 5 star rating. Once you get a few ratings it grows fairly quickly I have noticed.


I have had a Fiverr since October but I didn’t begin actively using it until January 26th. I was at Level 1 after about 10 days and was just promoted to level 2 last night.


Reply to @inet_solutions: I recently made level 2.


Congrats on your Level one badge mate. :slight_smile: