How long did it take you?


How long did it take you to sell you first gig? I’m new here and can’t wait to get stuck in!


I am waiting for my sale. I joined 7 days ago and nothing happened. :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :frowning: :frowning:


Very interesting, thanks guys.

I’m happy to say I got my first sale today after under 24 hours of being on the site


I joined around the end of 2013 if I am not mistaken. Got my first sales on may or June 2014 lol Almost gave up with Fiverr. But after that, all going pretty well.


I got mine the first night. She still buys from me once a week, so I couldn’t have been luckier.


It took me months. I promoted my gigs a good amount but didn’t get an order until long after. Now I’m on my way to a second order.


It took me 2 days for my first order. She ended up being a repeat customer, so win-win :slight_smile: Really sweet lady.


Took me 15 days




I joined 2012 and got my 1st project fairly fast, within 1 week which I believe.


That’s great! Wishing you continued success


I posted a gig that wasn’t anything special and never got any orders. More recently, I posted a more unique gig and got the first order on it within a couple of days. It’s all in what you’re selling and what kind of demand there is for it.


Good luck! I wasn’t expecting to get an order so quick. Very true, if there are lots of other people offering the same job it could be tough.


It took two weeks for my first gig, and they haven’t stopped coming since then.