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How long did you get your first order?


This question is not just for me but also for other new fiverr users. We’d like to know how many days does it normally take until you receive your first order. I’d like to average it from all your response. I know that it will still depend on the type of your gig. However, no matter how great your gig is, as long as it is now shown in the homepage or first page of each category, it will get no exposure.


Well, I got my first 5 orders the same day I created my gig BUT I did not rely on Fiverr to advertise me… I went on Facebook and posted it to some groups I was a part of.


After waiting 5 days,tomorrow I got 3 orders.


Reply to @mrspanda: Posting in Facebook groups is a great idea. Did you post them to open groups and/or related category groups?


I got mine in about 30 min… people think i’m sexy i dont advertise it though


Took few days :slight_smile:


I got mine three days back after about 1 week of waiting. I didn’t even have to advertised my gigs anywhere.


I got my first order after exactly 13 days.


after 4 days…and then orders came smoothly


Took about a week for me.


very fast I think I made it on 11th May and I got it the next day. Till now, I have completed about 13-15 orders :slight_smile: Got some regular customers too. Advertised in Google + in relevant pages. Some gig, I didn’t, it just comes. I think if your gig is relevant and your service meets their requirements, it’s fine


it took me 2 days to get my first order after i placed my gig on fiverr.


Reply to @photogallery: Well, I’m part of a lot of Facebook groups- particularly ones that are directed at Freelancers. They’re all closed groups- open groups are useless because EVERYONE is posting spam and you’ll never get exposure.


Took like 5 day for me, got so giggly when I got my first order :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @mrspanda: Thanks for the tip. Actually I have been joining groups but never thought of the idea of joining closed group instead of open ones. Truth is im only joining open groups. Thanks to you I have to redo it but its worth it.


You should do some marketing of your gig.


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After 20 hours…it was really surprise to me!! :slight_smile: