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How Long Did You Have to Wait for Your 1st Fiverr Sale?

You ask me, it was 28 long days. Felt like an eternity


i think it took me something like from 24-28 days, i don’t exactly remember but i know it was less than a month until i got my first sale.

The very first sale is always the hardest if what you offering is something not uncommon in fiverr. But once you did some good jobs and good customer service, more jobs will flow in :slight_smile:

Reply to @vince007: Yes you are right, the first sale is always the hardest.

I was lucky with 10 days I guess and amazed, how it started to bring in buyers after that. Still not that much, and my conversion rate is 10%, but still…

Reply to @rbvover: Maybe conversion rate is the right way to gauge the performance of any Gig. mine is around 20%… but the impressions just increases by at max 50 users in a day which is kind of frustrating at times.