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How long did you take to get your first buyer?

I’m curious to know how long it took you to have your first order, and how exciting was it?

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It took me about five days. I had been sending buyer requests every single day, and I’d spent a lot of time on every single one. I got two buyers at once, one for my translation gig and one for my short story gig. Both of them were really nice, and one of them even tipped me.

I’ve seen wildly varying rates of getting first buyers, from within a few hours to years :confused:


For me, It took 15 days. I did work one of my buyer locally I told him to order one of my gigs from fiverr. Then he bought and give me a good review. After that, I did social media marketing of my gig and got another order in next 12 days and now continuing. As of today I completed 31th order within 40 days

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Around 3 weeks. My first gig was a Japanese translation service and only when I create other gigs on ANIME ILLUSTRATION that my account flourished!

Turns out I’m in the wrong category from the start, Drawing has always been my passion and I’m glad I followed that! :smiley: