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How long did your first sale take?


We just joined Fiverr few days ago, It was recommended by a friend of mine. I was just wondering if it takes too long for the first sales to come. Also, is it legitimate to ask someone to buy from us in real ? isn’t that against Fiverr’s policy ?

Thank and may the sales be with you all :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Fiverr :slight_smile:
Dear, it all depends upon your efforts and quantity of quality time which you give to your gigs.
Learn from this forum and try to improve.
You can put your requests to 10 buyers every day, go to sales, buyers requests and there you will find requests from potential buyers.
Offer them your services and try to get some.thanks


My first sale took 15 days


My first sale took almost 5 days.


My first sale took me 3 hours after I posted my gig, because I had great samples of what I do. Right now the same gig has 9 sales. And try to make promotions for your return buyers. Promotions give you more customers too!




My first sale took me around an hour I made my profile and posted my gig. Perhaps I was just lucky! It was from the buyer’s requests section. :slight_smile:


I got my first sate after 2 months.


I received my first custom order within a few minutes and my next order a few days later.

I took a look at your gigs and noticed you only had one available. You might have better luck creating more gigs in the same category but offering different services?

Then again I’m new to Fiverr, too xD


About 1 month.


My first sale took me 4 days.


Week and a half.


3,4 days after join :V


Depends also where you gig is placed…if after you create a gig , your gig will be placed under the recommended tab you will get some sales for sure.


after 2 days


1 week


4 hours. happy


2 days and I ended up cancelling it because the buyer was rude and unclear


Depends on you. I got mine on 2nd day.
Improve your gig description and gig gallery. Buyer request is gold. Lastly, be honest with your work. do you best every time. I’m just a month here and earned $864 :slight_smile:


I got my first order nearly after one day but I ended up cancelling that order as it was tough to do :)…
Then I got my real completed after 4 days of my joining… then up to now I’m done with 5 sales… and earned $70 after cutting fiver’s commission…

Wish you all the best!


and if you can refine your profile statement then that would be good because I read that statement on many profiles.