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How long do I have to complete a revision?

How long do I have to complete a requested revision on a delivered order?


Is your timer still counting down? If so, that long.

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According to the info in the seller help centre, “Sellers are not timed on revisions”.
I suppose, if a seller takes unreasonably long, the buyer might complain to support, or leave an unfavourable review, but, in theory, you can take the time it will take you.
Maybe best to inform the buyer if it’s going to take longer, some people aren’t really aware that you might have other work beside theirs.

The counter will show LATE if you get over the original delivery time but as long as the initial delivery was on time, it won’t count against your stats (at least that’s the experience of people so far).


Yeah I don’t get when that is applicable and when it isn’t because I always have a timer on Revisions.

Thank you for the information.

Nailed it! :ok_hand:t4: CS confirmed this a few times, it never affected me.

The #LATE# is an eyesore tho. :grin:


Just to add… I’ve had revisions sit for up to 12 days because the client was delaying the request for various reasons. I was never penalized for the delay.


thanks for your valuable info