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How long do I have to go without responding to an inquiry before it affects my response time?


Hi Fiverr!
I’m new to this site. I’ve been focused on the Buyer Requests and sending out messages when I feel it’s appropriate for my audio gigs. I’ve responded to each person, but my response rate is only at 30%!
It says that I respond within 6 hours. I’m wondering if maybe it’s a mess up, or if because I went over 6 hours for a lot of them, it uses that for my rating.

There was a link that offered an explanation, but I got a 404: Not Found page. :frowning: Does anyone have any insight?

Cant wait to get my studio services up and running on Fiverr!


When you start, your response is 100% when you reply the first message it becomes 100% with the number of hours you replied with say 100% in 2 hours the more you delay in response the more the % goes down. So if you reply to many buyers in 6 hours then your response will be calculated based on the first reply. You could contact cs and they could bring you back to 100


Ahhh, that makes sense. Thank you!


Try this one:

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Try this mellow link.


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