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How long do I have to leave a review for a buyer?

Hi! Quick question! So I got this notification just now, and I was wondering how long do I have to leave the buyer his feedback? If I don’t leave them feedback, will it automatically end and or will it always be like that until I leave feedback? Here’s a screenshot of what I see!


I believe it is 3 days.

It will automatically end and the review will still show on your profile.

After 10 days the buyer’s review will become visible on your profile even if you decide not to leave one.

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I’ll suggest you to leave a feedback by clicking that notification so your review and your feedback appears on buyer’s profile as well as yours. Also buyer’s feedback and rating will be visible immediately once you submit your feedback and rate buyer.

Otherwise if you do not rate buyer, buyer review will be visible after various days and can take minimum 10 days.

Hope this helps you out.
Thank you so much!

Sellers who ask this question are usually trying to prevent their buyer’s feedback from showing publicly.

In these circumstances the seller has usually had a bad experience and is anticipating a low feedback rating - so they’re trying to find a way to stop this from displaying publicly.

To be clear - you can’t prevent buyer feedback from being public.

You have 10 days to respond to the buyer’s feedback from the moment of notification. If you don’t respond within this time, the buyer’s feedback will then automatically show.

Thanks for letting me know! But I actually wasn’t trying to prevent my buyer’s feedback from showing publicly! I had a great experience with my buyer and he left me a 5 star review!

That’s helps! Thanks!

Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks you all.I have also learnt something new hope that this would also help me.

It is explained here: