How long do I wait for a Response from a Seller?


So I am a buyer with a question. I am also a new buyer and searched for this answer but did not find and was hoping someone here can help. I have bought several services and they all turned out great, thank you sellers. I am in the middle of several and I feel confident with them as well. However, I have questions in to three different sellers now for a little over a day with no response. How long do I wait for a response? I do not like to be rude and start asking others without giving proper time and figured you as sellers would be the best to ask. Thank you to anyone willing to answer this question.


Well it really depends on the seller and why they wait to answer.

The designer I love and have been dealing with for years can take days to respond to everything I send him, but he is so good and so inexpensive that he has over 30 people in his queue all the time so I simply wait for him.

He is a top rated seller and incredibly busy and successful, for good reason.

Otherwise I would expect an answer within 12 hours or much less usually.

I am very choosy when I hire someone. I have to be quite certain I will be pleased unless it is only $5 and I am not too particular.


Hi, I am Neeraj Kumar I am also working on Fiverr. Many time it happens when the seller didn’t reply you. As you know these days Fiverr app is not working properly. Maybe he is not able to access the internet. Maybe he is Hospitalized. anything can happen. It is possible there is the time difference between you and your seller. so wait for at least 12 hours.


Ok, thank you for the responses. That is why I posted here, I figured this
was the best feedback.


You can try sending another message, something short like “Hey, did you get my previous message?”. Sometimes messages don’t go through (if Fiverr is buggy at the moment you send them) or take up to 24 hours to go through (if you use words that Fiverr labels as suspicious, and lately, in order to catch the cheaters, a lot of stuff was labeled as possibly suspicious).