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How long do you dedicate to each order for $5?


Just wondering just how much time everyone spends on the production of a finished $5 gig. I generally spend up to 15 mins…


Using 2 3D mouse to create logo… So like 10min :slight_smile:


For my most active gig… 2 hours.


mine takes 15-30 minutes some even 1 hour. Depends on the complexity of it but I really try to average it out to 15 mins per icon. so thats $16/hr which is a good amount in my country =)


It really depends. I challenge myself and try to finish them within 30 minutes to an hour, and if I can finish them in less than 30 minutes I would dance around. :)) I tend to get really OCD about my work and that really drives up the time so I’ve been working on working more efficiently overall. :smiley:


More or less like an 15-50 minutes sometimes longer. Anyway it’s inconsistent.


I do translation english to french, so it took me around 3 hours, depend of the complexity of the document. I don’t use software so i have to read the document, to translate it, and look for the word i don’t know (i had to translate sci-fi book, kind of crazy word).

I will be very happy to do my gig in 30 minutes :confused:


For my traffic gigs, 30s-2m. Takes maintenance time every week though to improve the service and keep things running.


4 min Max that’s $1 buck min for my time and that’s cheap far as im concerned

Time is money . If a gig takes you longer then make sure you get payed for your



For my main gig about 30 seconds to a minute


Quite often over an hour so I’v decided to reduce my wording down a little or offer the same quality service with a gig extra. But I don’t think people really want to pay the extra so I might have to offer 500 word or so, I just don’t wanna rush articles to much as I like to give quality deliveries


I do not keep track, if I wanted to be paid by the hour, I would find a job where I punch the clock. Some articles I write simply take longer than others do. It doesn’t matter to me how long it takes it only matters how many I get.

Once you start telling your buyers by advertising on here that it only takes a few minutes to complete a gig they may start to feel they are being shortchanged. In my opinion of course


That mostly depends on the client. Most my gigs take about 2mins but if the client is not happy or just want to make a change it could be hours spread over days proberbly :slight_smile:


It really depends. If it’s something simple like a phone tree recording, not very long. And that’s after giving the buyer several recordings. What usually takes the longest is when there are foreign names – or projects that are 20+ minutes of reading. A voiceover project for me generally takes 5-15 minutes.


20-40 mins for clean outline sketch, that’s why I charge more for coloring etc, it tooks 1-2 hours , or 3-4 hours if buyer asks for a complicated illustration. :expressionless:


Depends on the gig and extras ordered but on average 15-20 min.