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How long do you get your first order?

I have opened my gigs for a while but the click view is very low. However, my friend gets very first order after just a day opening his gig. May I ask why this happened to me? How long did you get your first order?

For me it took one month.

Still waiting :slight_smile:

It’s been 5 days. I hope to expect someone because I am promoting as much as I can.

it took me 2 weeks to get my first order…

I think I should be patient and keep promoting. Fiverr is quite different from 2 years ago. I feel so new here. Thank you everybody for your comments.

Ensure that you write a good description of your service and delivery must be one day. Check to see if the gig category and tags are in order. Also, keep on promoting your gig, you surely will get some sales.