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How long do you need to be active in Fiverr regularly?

We know that Fiverr needs to be more active as a new seller. But we don’t know how much time is needed to stay active in fiber. The more active you are, the more likely you are to get a job with a gig rank. That’s what everyone says. So I need to know what time and how much time is important to stay active in fiber. So as to be more likely to get a job as a new seller. Hope the experts will give feedback and advice.


That’s what all new sellers with 0 sales say.

Everyone who has actually made a good number of sales knows that being online will not get you sales.



I went to know details about this topic,


Thank you so much for your feedback. But I had one thing to know. That is how we can easily get work done on Fiverr.


Fiber helps keep one regular, but constantly refreshing your web browser to “stay active” doesn’t really do a thing, both Fiverr-wise and digestive health-wise. :wink:


What do you know about this, if you would tell a little detail. Then everyone would benefit.


I don’t know about that! If you press F5 every second of every day, it might count as exercise, which might end up improving your digestion!


Haha! Smash F5 while jogging in place!


So what do we do? If you could say a little about this.

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You should stay online when you’re available for work. You should never be online when you’re not, actually, online.

That means no tricks, no plugins to autorefresh (which can get you banned!). I always carry the app with me to answer any messages or requests on the go, and I keep the website open while I’m in the studio/office.

When I’m offline, I’m offline. There’s no “set time” you have to be online every day. But often, I’ll find myself contacting sellers who are indeed online (filtering out the offline ones), so staying active and online is absolutely important. But that also means that you have to be available to answer any messages quickly! If you’re “online” but in fact, are not available right away, that will just annoy the buyers, and not get you any more business.

Keep in mind that you may get banned with using any tricks to stay online while you’re not actually available, so don’t do it.


I’m active (like, actually online and not just have the browser open) maybe a couple hours a day (most of that is when I’m delivering orders or communicating with customers. Following the 24/7 logic I should have maybe… one order a month or so?
Knowing how to sell yourself, a decent gig picture (…and an actually relevant gig that people need, so not the 999999999th whatever) will help much more than staying online.
It might even help you keep some of your sanity!
(I actually have messaged quite a few sellers when I was looking for something I needed for my business and like 2/3 who were online only got back to me after a long time (so it definitely seemed like they were using a refresher.) None of them had any orders yet so… it really doesn’t help!


Having that little green dot next to your profile picture has incredibly little impact on gig visibility. The only time it does are the rare instances in which buyers are SPECIFICALLY searching for online sellers. Don’t focus your time and effort on trying to make sure that green dot is illuminated all through the day.

Spend that time and attention on ensuring your gigs stand out in the categories they are in.

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Much better than your opinion. Thanks for your comment.

You need to be active when you reply to messages or an order. That’s it.


We are Human and we need to rest. How can I do it the right way? Fiverr doesn’t want you to lie that you’re online when you’re not. Here are various country sellers and buyers so the time zone is different. If I went to work as my daily work time another country may night. That’s why I went to know more details from senior.

It would be interesting to see stats on how many buyers filter for online sellers - because I do that all the time, especially if I have a rush project.

I agree partially. I don’t think being online all the time has very much impact, but I do see a noticeable increase in my inbox activity while being online, compared to not being online. However, it’s not a deal-breaker to be offline for a few hours. I still get buyers contacting me all the time.

I think the most important thing is only to be online when you’re really online. Many people have asked about using auto-refreshers to “stay online” over the years. That’s against the ToS, AND it will be annoying to the buyers who filter for online sellers if you’re showing up as online while you’re sleeping.

I try to stay active as much as possible, but that time is spent responding to buyers’ messages, doing research, and improving my gigs - it is not spent smashing the F5 button! Luckily, I’ve got enough work, so it would be a waste of time. So I agree - spend your time online improving your gigs and doing actual work, and don’t just sit there smashing F5 hoping for a buyer to show up.


Replying to messages or submitting orders can technically be done while “inactive” or out of office, but being prompt and responsive to messages and orders definitely helps maintain one’s profile stats and conveys a trait of attentiveness.


I see the exact opposite. I barely get messages if I am online. If I do get any, they are spam messages.

Yes, it would be very interesting. Personally, I have only done it twice out of hundreds of orders as a buyer.

100% agree.


Thank you very much for this.

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