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How long do you think Fiverr will be around? (general poll)

I was just curious in the confidence factor of the community at large on this…

Less than 5 years
5 years
10 years
20 years
50 years +

I will start it off by saying 20 years at least, but the internet moves fast and so does technology so you never know. eBay started September 3, 1995 which makes it 21 years old as of this month…

The community confidence has no bearing on it. We’re just little worker ants.

My vote: who gives a fudge.

It doesn’t matter. Fiverr helped me perfect my skills as a content writer and there will always be a demand for quality content writers, if not on Fiverr, elsewhere, as long as there is the internet. I will be on Fiverr till I continue to get work here, or till Fiverr exists. If that stops, I’ll look elsewhere. I don’t look too far ahead into the future, I take every day as it comes. One thing I realized, there will always be something to do on the internet.

But it’s human tendency to look for a semblance of permanence. Nothing is permanent, change is the only constant. Adapt to survive. Learn to take setbacks with grace and fortitude. Be fearless. Live in the present, don’t look back, don’t worry about the future. (Message not intended for the OP, but for everyone in general.)

No clue. :slight_smile:

Probably a very long time but with inflation they may have to change the name from Fiverr to Tennerr.

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Now that’s funny.

Yes, but there already is a Tennerr. Also a Fourrerr, or there used to be, and I think there’s a Sixxerr, too.

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Yep. I’m pretty sure there is also a .99 and a onerr. There might not be a twoerr or a sevenerr.

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I don’t know how long will it last for but i think that after 10 or 15 years…the whole process of fiverr will become featured…from applying to request to gig rankings…

With current trends, less than 5 years.