How long do you wait before canceling an order?


Suppose you bought a gig and the seller said he’ll come back after 40 minutes from now and he’ll do the job. Now how long will you wait if the seller doesn’t come back after 40 minutes? An hour or two or more?


Even if the seller said he’ll come back after 40 minutes, you cannot cancel the order because of what he said if the order still has more hours/days available for delivering. If the order is late according to Fiverr’s order countdown, then you can cancel.

What if something happened to the seller? I’ve had many situations where I couldn’t respond even though I promised to respond, so if the order still has remaining time for delivery, then you should not think about canceling - we’re human after all, things happen that we have no control over.


Hmm that’s right…


you can wait for 48 hours.


Thanks alot appreciate that.


What if the gig delivery time is 24 hours?


I’ve just ordered once and I’ve never had a client cancel. Also, why would the say they will be back in 40 mins? You can see the delivery time in the gig and you can also message them to know how long it will take… and if they say they will be back in 40 mins, move on to the next seller.