How long do you wait for buyer's response before you log out?


I’ve been waiting for like an hour for my buyer to respond to custom offer but he went offline.

How long do you wait for buyer’s response before giving up and logging off?

I’m tired and wanna go to sleep, but I dont want to affect my response rate of 1 hour if I answer to his message in the morning.

Thank you. :blush:


Then please go to bed. :sleeping_bed:
A few hours of sleep won’t have any great effect on your response time.

How tired will you feel if you wait up all night for a message that doesn’t arrive?

Night! :last_quarter_moon_with_face:


I never wait! Sometimes they answer 3 days later…


The response rate is only based on your first answer.


Probably very tired and disappointed. I hope that won’t happen :smiley:

@carineb really? I thought it is measured after every message i recieve.


No. First message only.


Useful link for you hopefully:


Great, I feel much better now. :smiley:

@offlinehelpers thank you I’ll check it out.


Yes. @Carineb is right.
The response rate is calculated only on the basis of your first response to a buyer.


As others have mentioned, only the first message counts. Also, get some rest-- you deserve it! If I were you, I’d just go to bed because getting a response, to begin with, may not even happen. Some buyers lead you on until right before and then after you send the custom offer, they never respond. Don’t sweat it!


I’ll surely do that next time :smiley:

Yeah, I hate when this happen.


Short answer: I don’t.


I would get some sleep if I were you. I keep the Fiverr app on my phone, and if it’s an important message coming in, I’ll answer it…otherwise, get your rest.


I don’t wait at all. When I make a custom offer it is usually valid for 2 days and when the buyer reacts I get an e-mail from Fiverr. That’s it.


I don’t wait. I send it and forget it.


just Send your buyer a message saying “Good Night” and go to bed ! How tired will you be if you wait all night for a response but the message arrive as soon as you sleep :smiley: health is wealth


Thank you for your responses.

The message hasn’t arrived yet. :smiley:


Usually if they don’t respond immediately it means they aren’t interested.


He seemed quite interested when he mentioned 30 more pictures than in the buyer request. :smiley:


Yes but that means nothing if they disappear never to return when you send a custom offer. Never assume the person you are talking to will be a buyer. There are a lot of people who waste your time.